Twenty One Pilots on Alternative Press Magazine Issue 362

Twenty One Pilots on Alternative Press Magazine Issue 362

Twenty One Pilots

Alternative Press Magazine

Issue 362 Version 1, 2 and 3

What's Inside:

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun—known to the world as twenty one pilots—spent three years plying their existential pop to audiences all over Earth. The cumulative effect of touring the world and experiencing other cultures was crucial to not only the creation of their new album Trench, but for clearing new routes of consciousness Joseph had in his head. Ever wonder about the weather in Trench? How long the duo think they can go on? If they ever fight?

Despite their worldwide success touring behind the multi-Platinum Blurryface, Joseph and Dun refuse to take anything for granted. They spoke with AP about what they’ve accomplished, but still question where they need to go.

In a world where social media updates are everything, Joseph wonders if staying off the grid to focus hard on his music was the right thing to do. Change may be the only constant in this band, but Dun readily admits, “When asked if we’ve changed, I thought about the dynamic between us. I think we’re closer than ever in a really cool way.”

Joseph sums up Trench (the album) and Trench (the universe in his head) thusly: There’s something about it that is uncomfortable and uneasy and scary, but man, that’s where I’m supposed to be. A lot of things I was dealing with and still am helped me try to create that world. I felt that like I was trying to create some control.”

Our 24-page feature includes tons of brand-new, gorgeous photos from our exclusive shoot. To read the full story, pick up your copy of 362 here! In the meantime, check out our three (!) new covers featuring Tyler and Josh together.


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