Lil Peep on Alternative Press Magazine Issue 364

Lil Peep on Alternative Press Magazine Issue 364

Lil Peep

Alternative Press Magazine

Issue 364 Version 1

What's Inside:

Alternative Press decided to dedicate its November 2018 issue (AP 364) to chronicling the brief life and times of Gustav Elijah Ahr, commonly known as Lil Peep, the artist whose ability to intersect the worlds of hip-hop, emo and DIY production ignited a new consciousness in both music and culture.

For the cover story, AltPress spoke exclusively to people in Peep’s inner circle, including his mother Liza Womack. AltPress details everything from Peep’s childhood to his ways of working to the sources of his inspiration while deconstructing elements of his artistic vision.

Other features in the issue include “quotable quotes” from various junctures of his career; longtime producer/close friend Smokeasac (Dylan Mullen) walking us through all of the tracks on the impending release, Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2; a collection of 10 samples crucial to Peep’s creations; AP’s suggested Peep mixtape for listeners fond of the deep dive; remembrances from friends and fans including Travis Barker and Post Malone; a look at Peep’s immersion into the fashion world; as well as a special essay from contributor Jesse Richman on why Peep is inarguably a continuation of the emo canon.

All of this plus a timeline of the singer’s life; a selection of solicited fan art from around the world; and tons of photos of Peep live, in the studio and in the spaces between.

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